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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricate world of cryptocurrency crimes.

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Crypto Investigator Course

5 Modules - 8 hours - $999

All 5 modules can be completed online at your convenience.

Our program is meticulously crafted to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required for conducting successful cryptocurrency investigations. With CCI, you’ll delve into the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its application in cryptocurrency transactions. You’ll gain expertise in tracking and tracing cryptocurrency transactions using the most effective methods. Uncover the challenges posed by cryptocurrency-related crimes and develop comprehensive investigative plans. Become a trusted authority in the world of cryptocurrency investigations with CCI.

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Robert Whitaker

Law Enforcement consultant

(Formerly COO Blockchain Intelligence Group)

Industry-leading authority and SME on cryptocurrency investigations, methodologies, and best practices. Distinguished career leading complex criminal investigations, cohesively orchestrating a lot of moving parts. 

Teresa Anaya CFE, CAMS, CBP, ITIL

BSA/AML Officer at TrustToken
(formerly Director Financial Institution Strategy)

Global risk and compliance leader with broad experience in financial services, investigations, AML and compliance with specific focus on blockchain technology and reducing risk.


CCI, short for Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator™, is a comprehensive training program designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in crypto investigation.

With a structured curriculum consisting of 5 modules and a final exam, participants can expect to invest around 9-12 hours in completing the course.

Upon successfully passing the exam with a score above 80, participants are awarded the esteemed CCI certification. It is important to note that the course completion and certification should be accomplished within a year of enrollment.

Whether you are a compliance professional, law enforcement officer, or simply enthusiastic about delving into the world of crypto investigation, CCI provides valuable insights and practical expertise. 

Once enrolled in the CCI program, you have one year to complete the course and achieve the required score of above 80 on the final exam to obtain the CCI certification. It is recommended to plan your study schedule accordingly to ensure completion within this timeframe.

No specific prerequisites are necessary to enroll in the CCI program.

Whether you’re a compliance professional, a law enforcement officer, or someone with a keen interest in crypto investigation, you can join the program without any prior qualifications. While having some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain can be advantageous, it is not mandatory for participation.

The CCI program welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and aims to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge in this field.

Yes, the CCI certification is highly regarded and recognized in the industry.

It signifies that individuals have completed a rigorous training program and demonstrated competence in crypto investigation.

The certification can enhance career prospects, credibility, and opportunities in areas such as compliance, law enforcement, cybersecurity, and forensic accounting.

Sushma Pawar, CAMS, CCI

Former AML Team Lead at Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company

This is a perfect course for all the AML compliance professionals willing to begin their careers in cryptocurrency investigation or compliance in cryptocurrencies.

The course is covered in 5 elaborate modules and takes you through various stages to clarify your understanding about cryptocurrency its various types, underlying blockchain technology, its evolution, cryptocurrency investigation and much more.

It is detailed with ample case studies discussed by great facilitators and most importantly the detailed video presentation about BIG’s investigative tool QLUE which helps one to understand and follow cryptocurrency trail.

I recommend this undoubtedly excellent course to all my fellow compliance professionals. Learning about Cryptocurrency investigations cannot get any easier!

Patrick Hoey, CCI

Compliance – Coinbase

If anyone is looking for a course that will help them with conducting investigations relating to cryptocurrency and the blockchain then I can not recommend this course enough. The course was able to provide everything I was looking for when it comes to understanding the new risks associated to new technologies, how to track, trace and monitor cryptocurrency transactions and/or crypto crimes and how to have effective measures in place to overcome these issues.

Lalith Balasubrahmanyam, CCI

Senior Manager- Forensic practice at Protiviti

Great course- Well designed! I found the course informative and relevant. it is structured in such a way so as to make for easy reading and comprehension of the key concepts relating to dark web and cryptocurrencies and its implication on financial crimes and money laundering . The highlight of the course is the understanding of the investigative techniques involving cryptocurrencies which i believe is a necessary skill for all forensic and compliance professionals

Talmadge Henderson, CPA, CFE,CCI, CBE

Ernst and Young – Forencsics

This is a really greate course, Alot of great information for those wanting to dig deeper into understanding cryptocurrencices and especially understanding how to investigate them.

Christina Corrigan, CCI

Customer Operations Manager – Trustlabs Compliance Solutions ltd

The Cryptocurrency investigations course from Blockchain intelligence group was extremely informative and enlightening. It helped me to connect the dots in how Cryptocurrency can potentially move around, how to follow the money and build an investigation. The content covering the fundamentals of blockchain is probably the most easy to understand that I have seen to date. The course takes complex content and makes it easy to digest and understand. I think that this course should be mandatory for new hires for any company that interacts with the crypto space.

Thanks for the knowledge!

Fabian Courtine, CCI

Compliance Officer, Swiss Bank

New type of currencies inevitably means new types of risks, BIG’s training provides the necessary basis to start your compliance journey in the field of cryptocurrencies

Muhammad Mateen, CAMS, CCI

Manager Financial Crime – Forensic, Deloitte, Pakistan

I would highly recommend CCI Certification course to anyone who is looking to gain deep insight regarding The Dark Web, Bitcoins and Blockchain Forensics. Easy to understand course contents provide thorough understanding regarding conducting investigations relating to cryptocurrencies and uncovering information on the blockchain.

Perry Wong, AVP - Citi - APAC

AML Global Investigation Unit

This course offers insights in how cryptocurrency can be used to launder money that is different than traditional banking (fiat) ways. I believe AML professionals can benefit from this course.

Henry Yu

APEC Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Adjunct Professor, University of HK Faculty of Laws, Natixis

A well-designed course with the right balance between the necessary technical elements and the practical aspect of Investigation and Compliance.

Not only law enforcement officers, regulators, Fintech Compliance officers interested in Blockchain, DLT, and Forsenic, should attend.

The fact is that if you are working in traditional FinancialCrime, investigation, AML, compliance, Audit, legal, you better hurry up. With more and more investment banks, asset manager, and financial institutions globally getting their feet into this asset class, it is not a choice to ignore, but to understand, including the risk and the evolving regulatory expectations surrounding it.

Thomas E. Manifase CFE, CAMS

Executive Director, Investigations at Morgan Stanley Corporate Security

Excellent course content and very informative. This course will provide you with the requisite knowledge and tools to conduct any cryptocurrency investigation. It is a must for all financial investigators and compliance professionals.

Graham Baldock

Chief Compliance Officer /MLRO – Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

This was a great course and the delivery was fantastic for keeping the student engaged. I really enjoyed it, so thanks to all who put it together. Online training is hard to build but the content and delivery were well pitched. This is great for a Law Enforcement and Compliance audience. I will be sharing throughout my network and wish you all the success.

Aaron Kahler, CAMS, CFE, CCI, CTCE

Founder/Chief Executive, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII)

The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) course has expanded my understanding of the Blockchain and Crypto- Forensics a great deal. I am able to better engage with both law enforcement and financial institutions on communicating the importance of tracing cryptocurrency and de-anonymizing the identities of illicit actors to disrupt the economics of criminal activity such as human trafficking and child exploitation. Robert Whitaker, Teresa Anaya and the Blockchain Intelligence Group did a great job in building the course and #TeamATII is proud to carry the CCI designation and partner with such a dedicated group of professionals.

Sheraz Ahmed, CCI

Vice President of Business Development of the Crypto Valley Association

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, is one that is constantly moving, thus requiring a significant amount of continual research to stay on top. After taking the Crypto Investigator Course, I feel confident in my abilities on how to track, trace and monitor cryptocurrency transactions. An invaluable skill in such a fast pace environment, especially when we see the industry moving to more compliant and legally friendly solutions!

Peter J. Warrack, CAMS, CBP, CFE, CCI

Chief Compliance Officer – Bitfinex

Great course, I highly recommend!
The highlight of the course is the understanding of the investigative techniques involving cryptocurrencies which i believe is a necessary skill for all forensic and compliance professionals

Aun Maken, CAMS, CFCS, CCI

Manager, Enhanced Due Diligence Unit at Scotiabank

I have completed all 5 modules and found them to be very informative. The content and videos are presented in a very easy to understand manner. I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues in compliance.

9 (1)
Samuel Kiragu, CAMS, CPA, CCI

Regulatory Compliance Instructor, Nova Scotia Community College, Halifax

Tracing, tracking and monitoring cryptocurrency crimes are a must-have skills for contemporary compliance professionals. This well-structured course introduces learners to blockchain fundamentals before deep-diving into the world crypto crimes.
As the banking sector gets disrupted, new trends in financial crime are emerging. This course addresses such risks resulting from cryptocurrencies. The course is delivered in a very practical way both from law enforcement and financial services practitioners’ perspectives. Great facilitators who have wealth of experience both in law enforcement and banking sector.


Chief Information Security Officer, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII)

I really enjoyed the Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator (CCI) course offered by the Blockchain Intelligence Group. It provides the required information to be able to investigate transactions, identify exchanges and trace the funds.

7 (1)
Cristina Fleckenstein CAMS, CCI

Business Management and Risk Initiatives, Credit Suisse

The Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator module courses have significantly enhaced my technical skills in cryptocurrency mining, criminal schemes, blockchain forensics and AML cryptocurrency investigations. The law enforcement case studies are of real value for risk and compliance officers worldwide. As the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continue to evolve in a very dynamic way, I find extremely valuable the cryptocurrency criminal awareness techniques taught across all modules. Recommended for all financial services professionals looking to dig deeper into crypto compliance!

Mario Duron, CCI

BSA FCB and AML Analyst – BanescoUSA

Great course, from the basics to applicable investigative techniques. Can’t wait for the Ethereum module to come online