Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator

5 Modules – 8 Hours – $999

certified cryptocurrency expert

Learn how to investigate Cryptocurrency with Law enforcement and Finiancial Expert.

CCI Community

Join our CCI Community after finish CCI training. Get all the trends of Crypto investigation.

Online Training

Take all 5 modules and pass the final exam to earn the credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.

Advanced Modules

This course is for people who have completed modules 1-5 or have a good understanding of cryptocurrencies.

certified cryptocurrency expert

CCI graduates will realize the full potential of our data analytics engine to power tracking and tracing nefarious activity. Upon completion, graduates will be awarded a certificate.

What Our Students Have to Say

This is a perfect course for all the AML compliance professionals willing to begin their careers in cryptocurrency investigation or compliance in cryptocurrencies. The course is covered in 5 elaborate modules and takes you through various stages to clarify your understanding about cryptocurrency its various types, underlying blockchain technology, its evolution, cryptocurrency investigation and much more. It is detailed with ample case studies discussed by great facilitators and most importantly the detailed video presentation about BIG’s investigative tool QLUE which helps one to understand and follow cryptocurrency trail. I recommend this undoubtedly excellent course to all my fellow compliance professionals. Learning about Cryptocurrency investigations cannot get any easier!
Sushma Pawar, CAMS, CCI
Former AML Team Lead at Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company
Excellent course content and very informative. This course will provide you with the requisite knowledge and tools to conduct any cryptocurrency investigation. It is a must for all financial investigators and compliance professionals.
Thomas E. Manifase CFE, CAMS
Executive Director, Investigations at Morgan Stanley Corporate Security
If anyone is looking for a course that will help them with conducting investigations relating to cryptocurrency and the blockchain then I can not recommend this course enough. The course was able to provide everything I was looking for when it comes to understanding the new risks associated to new technologies, how to track, trace and monitor cryptocurrency transactions and/or crypto crimes and how to have effective measures in place to overcome these issues.
Patrick Hoey, CCI
Compliance – Coinbase
This was a great course and the delivery was fantastic for keeping the student engaged. I really enjoyed it, so thanks to all who put it together. Online training is hard to build but the content and delivery were well pitched. This is great for a Law Enforcement and Compliance audience. I will be sharing throughout my network and wish you all the success.
Graham Baldock
Chief Compliance Officer /MLRO – Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

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