Crypto Investigation

A certified cryptocurrency investigator training program is designed to teach individuals how to investigate and track cryptocurrency-related crimes. 

The program covers topics such as how to set up and use a digital wallet, how to track cryptocurrency transactions, and how to investigate and prosecute cryptocurrency-related crimes.

The program is beneficial for individuals who want to pursue a career in law enforcement or in the private sector as a cryptocurrency investigator.

CCI Certificate


To learn about the different types of cryptocurrency and how they work.


To understand the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency.


To gain the skills needed to investigate crypto-related crimes.


To earn a credential that can help advance their career.

Crypto Investigation

Crypto investigation is the process of using forensic techniques to examine cryptocurrency transactions in order to track down criminals or to recover lost or stolen funds. This can involve looking at the blockchain, examining wallets, and using other tools to try to piece together what happened.

“Learn how to investigate cryptocurrency crimes and track down the bad guys!”

“This is a perfect course for all the AML compliance professionals willing to begin their careers in cryptocurrency investigation or compliance in cryptocurrencies.

The course is covered in 5 elaborate modules and takes you through various stages to clarify your understanding about cryptocurrency its various types, underlying blockchain technology, its evolution, cryptocurrency investigation and much more.

It is detailed with ample case studies discussed by great facilitators and most importantly the detailed video presentation about BIG’s investigative tool QLUE which helps one to understand and follow cryptocurrency trail.

I recommend this undoubtedly excellent course to all my fellow compliance professionals. Learning about Cryptocurrency investigations cannot get any easier!”

Sushma Pawar, CAMS, CCI

Former AML Team Lead at Promontory Financial Group, an IBM Company

Our Crypto Investigators

“Excellent course content and very informative. This course will provide you with the requisite knowledge and tools to conduct any cryptocurrency investigation. It is a must for all financial investigators and compliance professionals.”

Thomas E. Manifase CFE, CAMS

Executive Director, Investigations at Morgan Stanley Corporate Security

“If anyone is looking for a course that will help them with conducting investigations relating to cryptocurrency and the blockchain then I can not recommend this course enough. The course was able to provide everything I was looking for when it comes to understanding the new risks associated to new technologies, how to track, trace and monitor cryptocurrency transactions and/or crypto crimes and how to have effective measures in place to overcome these issues.”

Patrick Hoey, CCI

Compliance – Coinbase


We’re going to show you everything you need to know about investigating cryptocurrency-related crimes.


Both. There are multiple lessons in each module, and at the end of each lesson there is a short quiz. Then, at the end of each module there is a test. Finally, at the end of all the modules there is a final test, which is the test you need to pass to earn the credential of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.

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