CCI-ETH: Advanced Ethereum Course

Ethereum's Investigative Odyssey: Master the Advanced Course, Illuminate Insights.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the Ethereum network through CCI-ETH: Advanced Ethereum Course. This module explores the key aspects of Ethereum, including its history, protocol, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, challenges, and advanced analysis techniques. Dive into the world of Ethereum and unlock its immense potential.

CCI-ETH Certification

CCIE Overview

Master cryptocurrency crime investigations on the Ethereum blockchain with our CCI-ETH: Advanced Ethereum Course. This comprehensive module delves deep into the world of Ethereum, covering smart contracts, NFTs, and advanced analysis and tracking techniques. With these skills knowledge, you will confidently close the most complex crime cases on Ethereum.

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Topics Covered


History of the Ethereum Network

Explore the origins and evolution of Ethereum, gaining valuable insights into its development and growth. Understand the pivotal milestones that have shaped Ethereum into the revolutionary blockchain platform it is today.


Ethereum Protocol and ERC Standards

Dive into the inner workings of the Ethereum protocol, unraveling its intricate design and functionality. Deepen your understanding of the ERC-20 standard, vital for token creation and compatibility on the Ethereum network.


Smart Contracts

Gain a comprehensive understanding of smart contracts and their significance in the Ethereum ecosystem. Explore their current applications across industries and their endless new possibilities.


Proof-of-Work (PoW) vs. Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

Differentiate between the PoW and PoS consensus algorithms. Gain insights into the advantages and challenges associated with each approach to analyze and evaluate their impact on the Ethereum blockchain.


Addressing Ethereum's Challenges

Identify the main issues currently impacting Ethereum and delve into the anticipated solutions that will drive its future growth. Stay informed about the ongoing developments and upgrades that address scalability, security and sustainability concerns.


Advanced Ethereum Analysis Techniques

Discover cutting-edge methods for analyzing Ethereum data, including clustering techniques. Explore Ethereum blockchain explorers and gain hands-on experience with QLUE™ investigation platform by Blockchain Intelligence Groups, a powerful essential tool for Ethereum investigations.

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CCI-ETH: Advanced Ethereum Course is a specialized training program focused on Ethereum investigation. It provides in-depth knowledge and skills to analyze Ethereum transactions, contracts, and interactions.

This course is designed for individuals with a background in cryptocurrency investigations who want to specialize in Ethereum-related investigations and analysis.

Yes, you can start CCI-ETH without completing CCI, but it is highly recommended to complete CCI first.

Once you successfully complete the course and pass the exam, you will be awarded the CCIE certification and CCIE badges.

No, the CCIE certification does not have an expiration date. However, it is important to note that you must complete the course within one year.

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