Law Enforcement Introduction to Digital Assets

Law Enforcement Introduction to Digital Assets is a specialized course for law enforcement professionals.

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Law Enforcement Introduction to Digital Assets is a specialized course for law enforcement professionals. This course provides a solid foundation in understanding digital assets and cryptocurrencies, equipping participants to effectively investigate and combat crypto-related crimes.

Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital asset types. The curriculum covers topics including identifying and analyzing crypto transactions, tracing funds, investigating illicit activities, and understanding legal frameworks.

The course focuses on tools and techniques for investigating crypto-related crimes, including blockchain analysis, cryptocurrency forensics, and gathering digital evidence. Real-world examples and case studies enhance practical understanding.

Upon completion, law enforcement professionals will be better equipped to address the unique challenges of financial crimes in the digital age. This course is free for law enforcement professionals, tailored to their specific needs in the context of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Developed By

Robert Whitaker, CCI

Law Enforcement consultant

Ret. Supervisory Special Agent, Illicit Finance & Proceeds of Crime Unit, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations

Global expert on the online criminal element, cryptocurrency and dark web investigations. Distinguished public service career leading complex international financial crime investigations.

Teresa Anaya CFE, CAMS, CCI, CBP, ITIL

BSA/AML Compliance Officer, Archblock (formerly TrustToken)

Seasoned leader with global experience in financial services, investigations, AML, BSA, and regulatory compliance with a focus on blockchain and risk reduction.


by Blockchain Intelligence Group

Crypto Investigation Platform

QLUE™ was meticulously crafted by law enforcement, exclusively catering to the needs of both law enforcement agencies and financial investigators, ensuring impenetrable evidence against crypto-related fraud.

CCI - Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator

Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator™

by Blockchain Intelligence Group

Embark on comprehensive crypto investigation training meticulously curated by a seasoned US government investigator and acclaimed BSA Compliance expert.

Complete all five modules and successfully pass the final exam to obtain the esteemed credentials of a Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator.

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